Math Outreach and Volunteer

I currently am involved with

Alabama ARML:

Each year, Alabama sends a team of 15 people to compete at the southern site of the American Regional Math League. The Southern site is currently UAH in Huntsville, AL. I am head coach for 2021 and 2022.

We hold 6 practices each spring to decide the team. The 6 practices include 3 individual tests, practice team tests, and free lectures hosted by myself and Jacob Glidewell.

Pan-African Math Circle – I help teach or prepare materials for a math circle for nations with less well-developed IMO training/selection processes, such as Ghana, Nigera, and Pakistan.

Occasional helper on AOPS community forums and math discords, answering questions about math or math learning.

Other Math Educational programs I am a part of (paid positions):

I generally always teach 1 AoPS class at any point in time. These are text-based classrooms. I lead discussions about math problems and concepts in real time to interested students at a level much more advanced than a typical school class.

I am a grader for OTIS. OTIS is an olympiad training program run by my friend Evan Chen. The program is excellent in terms of its teachings and community for students interested in olympiad math training. I help grade the 5 practice olympiads each year.