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Alcumus adapts to the learner’s abilities. If you answer many questions correct in a row, you will be given hard questions. If he incorrectly answer many questions in a row, you will be given easier questions. (needs an AoPS account (free))

Middle School:
Mathcounts Trainer:

Mathcounts Trainer will put you through Mathcounts School, Chapter, and eventually state level problems if you correctly answer enough problems. (needs a free AoPS account first)

Past Mathcounts Tests:

High School:
To be added.

Math Prize for Girls Cutoffs:

2017: 4.5 above AIME cutoffs:
2018: 3 points above the AIME cutoff.
AMC 10A: 114
AMC 10B: 111
AMC 12A: 96
AMC 12B: 102.

2019: 7.5 above AIME cutoffs. Namely, an AMC 10A score of 111, an AMC 10B score of 114, an AMC 12A score of 91.5, and an AMC 12B score of 100.5.

2020, the cutoff score for the AMC 10A was 112.5 (out of 150), for the AMC 10B was 111, for the AMC 12A was 97.5, and for the AMC 12B was 97.5.
2021:  an AMC 10A score of at least 120.0 (out of 150), an AMC 10B score of at least 118.5 , an AMC 12A score of at least 108.0, or an AMC 12B score of at least 106.5.
2022: 13.5 above AIME cutoff = 109.5 for AMC 10, 104.5 and 97.5 for AMC 12