Alabama ARML

Alabama ARML practices are run by Xinke Guo-Xue and Jacob Glidewell. Jacob Glidewell is a math major at UA. Xinke is a math teacher at Xinke’s Math Academy, an online program.

Contact me at if you live in Alabama and want to try out for the Alabama ARML Team. ARML is a challenging high school level competition. Alabama sends at least one team of 15 students to ARML each year. There are tryouts for the 15-person team each year. For more info about the national competition, see the

ARML website

For information about the Alabama ARML practices and tryouts, email me at

Students are welcome to join the ARML practices for educational purposes, even if they do not end up going to the ARML competition itself. We currently use a Discord server and email list to organize meetings. The practices are all free.

The practices are mix of lectures, problem solving sessions, individual tests for team selection, and practicing past ARML team rounds.

If you live in a nearby state which does not end up sending a team to ARML (such as Louisiana, Mississippi, or Tennessee), you are free to contact me about joining our group as well.

Students who wish to join the Alabama ARML Discord must:

1. Live in Alabama
2. OR live in a very nearby state which does not have an ARML team.

To join our discord, please email Xinke Guo-Xue at with the following info:

1. Student Name
2. Student School
3. Student Grade level
4. Student email address
5. Parent name and email address.

Cost of ARML trip for 2022:
Students: $85
Chaperones: $60
students not overnight: $50

Predicted cost of 2023 ARML trip: $160 to $200 ish. (No state funding this year)


2022 TST 2
2022 TST 3
2022 ALL

2023 TST 1

2023 TST 2

Congrats to Alabama ARML for placing first among onsite Division B teams in 2022! This was 24th among all teams and the best Alabama has done in many years!

Alabama ARML 2022 (at UAH)